Brain dump

Doesn’t sound very nice, does it? But I think it describes well enough what I need to do in this very first blog post; dump into words why this blog exists.

  1. My internal monologue is whirring faster than usual. By writing down my thoughts about things that pre-occupy my mind (which tend to be the nature of social reality and my agency and responsibility within it), I hope that I can pause and reflect rather than continue in dizzying circles.
  2. Things that interest me don’t necessarily interest those closest to me. By having a space to write down my thoughts it saves those I love from having to listen to me bang on. I mean, I’ll still bang on a bit, just not as often, hopefully!
  3. It’s a record of the learning I plan to do and a place to practice turning my ideas in to something coherent. Perhaps even an online space where I can discuss the ideas I come across with others.

Photo credit: kozemchuk on / CC BY

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