Creating Green Jobs – Labour Broadband Policy

I have just had a really interesting chat with my friend of a school friend who I chat to online re politics. He has beef. He doesn’t believe in promises made by any of the political parties. He doesn’t believe that education has caught up 21st century - for either young or older people.  He’s … Continue reading Creating Green Jobs – Labour Broadband Policy

North Somerset Climate Emergency

North Somerset Climate Emergency My part in the North Somerset Climate Emergency story begins at the end of 2018. I'm sharing this as brief tour through a little slice of activism. If this story was to have a moral, it would be to remind you that it's your right as a citizen to stick your … Continue reading North Somerset Climate Emergency

Labour take climate breakdown seriously

I'm feeling pretty proud of my Labour colleagues after watching Ed Miliband ask an urgent question in parliament this week following the Extinction Rebellion protests that have caused serious disruption in London. We get it I have written previously about how Labour have led the way on tackling climate change. To be clear, that doesn't … Continue reading Labour take climate breakdown seriously

Climate change – are we doing enough?

If you haven’t heard, climate change is an existential problem and we need to do something about it. Yes, I really do mean existential – the existence of humans is literallyat risk. On this subject, I was lucky enough to hear Nicky Jones, a local freelance researcher and writer speak about climate change in the UK at … Continue reading Climate change – are we doing enough?