North Somerset Climate Emergency

North Somerset Climate Emergency My part in the North Somerset Climate Emergency story begins at the end of 2018. I'm sharing this as brief tour through a little slice of activism. If this story was to have a moral, it would be to remind you that it's your right as a citizen to stick your … Continue reading North Somerset Climate Emergency

Are the Weston Lib Dems telling fibs?

You may have seen a few graphs doing the rounds on social media, used as evidence by both Labour and Lib Dems that if you want the Tories out, only a vote for them can achieve that. They can't both be right, can they? One graph, shared by Weston Labour, shows the results from the … Continue reading Are the Weston Lib Dems telling fibs?

What’s stopping us from imagining a better future?

Imagining a different, better, future is absolutely key to reaching it. I was born in England in 1984 and have lived here my whole life. I have known nothing but life under the current neoliberal political economy. Is that neoliberal political economy stopping me from imagining a better future? Is it stopping you? WTF is … Continue reading What’s stopping us from imagining a better future?

Weston high street & town centre

Is Weston high street and town centre the best it could be? Probably not. Which is why it’s exciting that Weston could be in for a share of the £675 million Future High Streets Fund pot. North Somerset Council officers are currently hard at work talking to businesses and other stakeholders about the challenges the town centre … Continue reading Weston high street & town centre

What do we expect from our MP?

What do we expect from our MP? This thought has been occupying my mind following the circulation of two pictures of the current Weston-super-Mare MP, John Penrose. You may have seen John yourself, smiling while collecting food for our local foodbank or surrounded by volunteers at the new ‘homeless shelter’. The first thing to say … Continue reading What do we expect from our MP?