Period Poverty

The Red Box Project Weston aims to support young people throughout their periods by providing red boxes filled with free period products to local schools and community spaces.

Girls and young women are missing school because they can’t afford sanitary products. This is not acceptable.

The Red Box Project aims to help disadvantaged girls by tackling period poverty, with the aim of helping them stay in school throughout the month.

To do this, we collect donations of underwear and sanitary protection from members of the public and place them into schools and community spaces, in red plastic boxes. When girls are in need of products, but don’t have easy access to it at home (for whatever reason), rather than miss school, they can come to a trusted member of staff, ask for the red box, and take whatever they need to get through their period. That includes whole packs of different pads, and even tampons, if required for PE, for example. We also provide underwear, and brown paper bags.

We are currently contacting school and community spaces to ask if we can provide a box. Please get in touch if you know somewhere that needs a box, especially if you would like to take responsibility for co-ordinating keeping a box topped up.

If you would like to help please

  • Like and share the facebook page
  • Drop off donations of sanitary products, pants and tights to Replenish Weston, 43 Meadow Street, BS23 1QH (opposite Treats cafe)
  • Drop off donations to Albany Lodge Guest House, 9 Clevedon Road, BS23 1DA
  • Donate to the project via the justgiving website
  • You can follow our progress by liking the facebook page