Weston A&E

It’s not a done deal.

I understand from listening to local residents that many believe it is simply too late to save Weston A&E. It feels as though the decision has already been made by NHS bosses to make the overnight closure of our emergency department permanent. There is concern that this is just the start, and we’re on track to lose it completely.

We must stop that happening.

We can stop that happening.

We will stop that happening.

A&E departments around the country have been saved. It has often taken years of campaigning. We’re not ready to give up are we?! I’m certainly not.

The ‘Healthy Weston’ consultation

The NHS ‘Healthy Weston’ Consultation is currently live. You have between 13th February – 12 noon 24th May 2019 to take part.

Do you want a 24/7 Weston A&E? You need to let NHS bosses know. Responding to this consultation is your chance to ask them to work with the consultants who have a plan to keep the A&E open.

Use your voice before it’s too late.

➡️ Read the consultation document explaining the changes:

➡️ Find out more in person at one of the events around the region
➡️ Complete the online survey
➡️ Email your views to: bnssg.healthyweston.enquiries@nhs.net
➡️ Send your view via post to: Freepost HEALTHY WESTON
➡️ Phone them on 0117 900 2655

If you are interested in what’s shared at the consultation events but can’t attend, you can watch a facebook live video of the event held at the Winter Gardens in February I filmed by clicking here.