Labour Community 2020

Do you want to get involved in your community? Do you want to meet like-minded people? Do you want to help your neighbours understand more about the political process, maybe even encourage them to exercise their power?

Labour Community 2020 is all about community organising in Weston. It’s about taking our Labour membership (join here!) seriously, spending time understanding the concerns of our community, and working alongside them to campaign on issues that matter.

Your community

The Weston-super-Mare Constituency Labour Party is divided into three branches covering 15 wards. These wards are then further divided into smaller areas called roadgroups which contain 200-300 households.

You can use your postcode or address to find out which ward you live in by clicking here.

Coast Branch

  • Weston-super-Mare South ward
  • Weston-super-Mare Uphill ward
  • Weston-super-Mare Central ward
  • Weston-super-Mare- Hillside ward

Milton & Worle Branch

  • Milton ward
  • Winterstoke ward
  • Kewstoke ward
  • South Worle ward
  • Mid Worle ward
  • North Worle ward

Villages Branch

  • St Georges & West Wick ward
  • Hutton & Locking ward
  • Banwell & Winscombe ward
  • Congresbury ward
  • Blagdon & Churchill ward

Are you ready to step up?

To achieve consistent and effective community organising across our constituency, we are looking for ward coordinators and roadgroup leaders.

Ward coordinator

Ward Coordinators will become members of the:

Campaign Committee – focused on campaigning in Weston-super-Mare and the Villages, which is our parliamentary constituency – the area covered by our MP, and;

Local Campaign Forum – a joint committee with our neighbours, North Somerset Labour Party, which is our local authority constituency – the area covered by our councillors/North Somerset Council.

These are core teams that enable us to carry out canvassing, leafletting, and ward level campaigning effectively. The ward coordinator will be the local ward representative on these committees.

But fear not, this role is not just about attending meetings! You will be responsible for ensuring campaigning happens in your ward.

  • You will enthuse members that live in your ward to get out on the doorstep or under the gazebo to listen to our local community.
  • You be responsible for organising the ‘back office admin’ of printing maps, bundling leaflets, canvassing data entry etc.
  • You will help organise a series of political education workshops for all sectors of your community.
  • You will encourage members to deliver leaflets and invitations.
  • You will train volunteers in canvassing and the IT systems we use such as ‘Doorstep app’ for recording voter ID and print design software.

You will be key in demonstrating to our community that Labour doesn’t only care at election time, we take year-round action.

Roadgroup leaders

This role doesn’t actually exist yet, but is an idea I have about taking our community organising as local as possible. Perhaps coordinating other members across a ward isn’t your bag, but you would be up for leading action in a particular roadgroup? Here is an example:

My vision of a roadgroup leader is that they would really get to know that area, plus:

  • Be responsible for working towards a target of communicating with all voters at least once a year.
  • Attempt to get all residents registered to vote.
  • Attempt to get as many voters as possible signed up for a postal vote.
  • Identify campaign topics based on issues raised by the community.
  • Lead campaigns, training if necessary and working alongside residents on things that matter to them.

You will be key in demonstrating to our community that Labour doesn’t just listen, but work with our neighbours to take action on issues that matter.

Want to get involved?