“I am backing the inspiring and committed Holly Law to represent Weston-super-Mare in Westminster.”

Pam Field, Weston Labour member

“Supporting Holly Law to represent all in Weston-super-Mare. A great candidate.”

Mark Jonathon Smith, Weston Labour member

“It’s time we had a woman as our MP for Weston-super-Mare. I believe Holly Law will be that person. Local, involved and ambitious for our town, she’s always prepared to stick her neck out and that’s what we want!”

Annie Higgs, Weston Labour CLP secretary

“I have been truly inspired by Holly. Her drive and enthusiasm mean she is a natural to become our candidate.”

Tamsin Clayton, Weston Labour CLP Vice Chair (Membership)

“I’m supporting Holly Law because I am constantly inspired by her energy and enthusiasm and the commitment she shows to working to addess our concerns for the planet we all share. Holly would be a breath of fresh air in the local council and in Parliament. She will definitely have my vote.”

Fenja Hill, Weston Labour LGBT Officer

“Having had the opportunity to exchange with Holly on various social issues during a political
weekend, I am confident that she is the ideal socialist parliamentary candidate for
Weston-super-Mare. She is motivated by social justice and has the desire to make the world a
better place starting with her local community.
I will fully support her on her way to Westminster without any doubts.”

Olivier M. MUPENDA
TULO Officer and Campaign co-ordinator
Romford CLP

“I met Holly on a Trade Union Leadership course and was struck by her commitment to her town and people of that town. She would be an an excellent MP for Weston Super Mare.”

Barry James, Founder and Organiser of TSSA Labour

“Holly Law has been a force for good in Weston-Super-Mare already. Her passion for, and knowledge of issues around climate-change has inspired many in the local community to rethink the way they consume. She has vision, passion, and a genuine love and care for the community in Weston, which is made evident in the the amount of effort she pours into local causes and campaigns. I can think of no one better to represent our local community in Parliament.”

Jordan Maynard, local resident

“Holly’s incredibly passionate about local and national issues affecting the community, and her boundless energy and enthusiasm constantly amazes me! It really would be a welcome change to have someone like her challenge the status quo on the council and indeed, in parliament!”

Sophie Presland, Weston Labour member